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garrett wrote:
> Hi,
> I hope someone will be able to help me with my PVA dilemma. I've been using
> PVA by Planatol which worked great  but made me really dizzy even when
> working in a well ventilated area. A friend suggested Jade, claiming it
> contained no formaldehyde. I've tried it but find it terrible to work with.
> It doesn't spread well, dries the second I put it in the board, and once I
> get something covered  the gluelines show through the bookcloth. Is there a
> trick to using it? Can anyone suggest a PVA that is formaldehyde-free  (if
> something like that exists) and works well?
>         Stephanie

Which PVA from Planatol you use?
The general Purpose PVA from Planatol for Bookbinders: Case in, Gluing,
mounting, tipp-in etc, is the one called BB.
But in general all of them need to be diluted gently with water.
I've workedd with planatol glues for over 15 years now, but haven't
encountered the difficulties you describe.
It could be you are overly sensitive to a certain chemical or material.
One of my recent student could learn how to gild edges the traditional
way from me - as she would develop an immediate skinrash than handling
arminian bole.

charles mohr

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