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eggshells/rubber stamp sets

>used to have a rubber stamp set with a lot of individual letters you could
>arrange in what ever order you wanted - setting type.  It seems to me that a
>single line of type would be easy to manipulate around the curve of an
>eggshell - as long as the rubber was soft enough.  I haven't seen one of
>these sets in a long time

Yes, you can still get these sets & they are great! They have em at big
office supply stores. I got mine at Arvey's here in Oakland CA. Came w/ 2
different sizes of rubber "type", which you can put into any of 4 stamp
blanks (? don't know what else to call it): round, oval, 4-line & 1-line. I
have also seen some sets that have a self-inking blank.

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