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Re: Custom Made Stamps

Look in your yellow pages under Rubber Stamps, or call some office supply
houses and find someone who makes photopolymer stamps.  Many rubber
stampers dislike them, but they will serve this purpose quite well and
are much less expensive in small quantities, say one.  Even in the
smaller town I live in, several businesses will do this overnight.
If you're going to use it to stamp on eggshells, you might ask that it
NOT be mounted.  That way you could conform it to the shape of the egg to
some extent as you stamp.
Dye stamp pad inks are subject to fading; pigment and fabric inks less
so.  A light spray of matt clear acrylic over the finished product would
give some protection against smearing and fading.
One last thought, when stamping on the egg you might try laying the stamp
flat and holding the egg and rolling it on the stamp.  I believe you
could control the transfer more easily.

>In responding to the eggshell question, several of you mentioned
>custom made stamps done.  Can you elaborate on how and who does this?

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