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Re: Printing on eggshells

Thanks for all of the great information on this topic.  Chris Rolick is a
book artist (production manager for Julie Chen's Flying Fish Press) who
sells a line of rubber stamps (Retro Rubber Stamps).  She sells two
items that may be of interest to egg letterers:
        1) Grip Line type and mounts.  The type is available in several
sizes and fonts and fits into any of a variety of holders.  The holders
can be used with any of the fonts so that you have many lettering options.
        2) She has hundreds (thousands?) of different words on unmounted
rubber that you can print by using a temporary adhesive to place the stamp
on a finger and to make an imprint using the finger as a stamp mount.
These are quite nifty.

Her email address: THGA@xxxxxxxxxx  (Note: she'll be out of town teaching
at Haystack until mid August).


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