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Re: Tom Kullgren and Istanbul

Henry Glassie, Turkish Traditional Art Today (Ministry of Culture of the
Turkish Republic /Indiana University Press, 1993), mentions only a few
names in a 900+ page book. They are:

1) Mustafa Du[umlaut]zgu[umlaut]nman, a relative of the great master
Necmeddin Okyay, who practices in the Itanbul suburb of
U[umlaut]sku[umlaut]dar. Okyay died in 1976.

2) Ali and Midhat C[cedilla]adir, who run a shop in the Covered Bazar (or
close to i: C[cedilla]adircilar Caddesi.

3)Turan Tu[umlaut]rkmenog[inverted circ.]lu, who runs a shop in Sahaflar
C[cedilla]ars[cedilla]isi, "the last on the right before the gate leading
to the plaza of Beyazit."

"To one who knocks at a door in supplication, that door will surely open."

Paul Werner, New York City

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