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press setup

From: "Roberta Lavadour" <paper@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

I work with a non-profit art facility on the Umatilla Indian Reservation
that had a letterpress donated which I am trying to get up and running. I'm
hoping that you can forward my request to the right person/list.

My experience is limited to watching a vandercook in operation at Whitman
College in Walla Walla.

The press says "Reprex" on the side. It has not been used for many years.

1.  Best way to clean the rollers? It looks like all the rollers have an
oily substance on them, not dried ink.

2.  When the carraige is in the starting (left) position, the paper
grippers are on the bottom. I have looked everywhere for a lever or trip to
allow me to disengage the carraige from the runners to turn the cylinder
around 180 degrees, but can't find anything.

2 1/2. In running the carraige far enough to the right for the grippers to
release the paper that if I did turn the carraige far enough for the paper
to be loaded properly at the beginning, it would come out at the end too
far around.

Thank you for your time.

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