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Re: press setup

Hi, Roberta--

I'm sure if you called Keiko Hara at Whitman, or Anna Hepler, they'd be
happy to help you. Also, I cleaned our presses at Whitman all last year.
I don't remember what we cleaned the rollers with , but I'll forward your
message on to Keiko and see if she can get back to you.  In the press
room, we also have a set of directions from Chris Stern and Jules Faye
from when they did a letterpress workshop here.  Maybe we can copy and
mail them to you.  If not, I have my notes from the workshop and will copy
and send them if you want to send me your address.  You can reach me at
Whitman's library, (509) 527-5914 weekdays from 9-4:30.

Laura Boston
ILL Assistant
Penrose Memorial Library
Whitman College

On Tue, 28 Jul 1998, Philip Krayna wrote:

> From: "Roberta Lavadour" <paper@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> I work with a non-profit art facility on the Umatilla Indian Reservation
> that had a letterpress donated which I am trying to get up and running. I'm
> hoping that you can forward my request to the right person/list.
> My experience is limited to watching a vandercook in operation at Whitman
> College in Walla Walla.
> The press says "Reprex" on the side. It has not been used for many years.
> Questions:
> 1.  Best way to clean the rollers? It looks like all the rollers have an
> oily substance on them, not dried ink.
> 2.  When the carraige is in the starting (left) position, the paper
> grippers are on the bottom. I have looked everywhere for a lever or trip to
> allow me to disengage the carraige from the runners to turn the cylinder
> around 180 degrees, but can't find anything.
> 2 1/2. In running the carraige far enough to the right for the grippers to
> release the paper that if I did turn the carraige far enough for the paper
> to be loaded properly at the beginning, it would come out at the end too
> far around.
> Thank you for your time.
> Roberta
> paper@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> www.ucinet.com/~umatribe/crow.html

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