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cylinder problems

I decided to post my reply to Roberta to the list. I managed to spell cylinder
wrong throughout, but maybe the other info. isn't bad. Tracy

From:    WIRCS2::HONN         "Tracy Honn"
To:      IN%"PAPER@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx",HONN
Subject: cylander timing

Dear Roberta, I don't know about your question regarding roller cleaning, but
may be able to help with the cylander timing problem. I am familiar with
Vandercook presses, not the name you mentioned, but would guess they are
similar. The vandercooks have stops at the end of the press bed, they may be
nothing more than a right angle of metal screwed to the side of the press. Crank
your carriage down and observe what it hits when it stops. Check out that area
and see if you can find, on each side, a metal part that is stopping the
carriage from rolling off the end of the press.(Not a fun thing.) Once you
locate the stops, remove them (with the carriage away from you in proper
position by the feed board). Carriages can be very heavy!!! Before attempting to
remove the carriage have strong friends nearby and a strong table or workbench
that you can move to the end of the press bed to rest the carriage when it's
removed. To get it in the proper position will be a matter of trial and
error--you can be off one or two gear teeth and still operate the press, but if
you work at it you will be able to find the right starting place. If the
carriage is not too heave you can bring it down to the end of the press and
turning very slowly watch while the gear disengages--very near falling off the
bed!--then rock the carriage and shift the gear teeth position, then crank back
and see where you are. Good luck.
Tracy Honn
Silver Buckle Press

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