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Cylinder/Glazed Ink


With the cylinder in resting position at the feed board, count the teeth
to determine the degree of rotation you'll need to make in order to =
the grippers to their proper position.

As hinted at, it sounds like the cylider was removed at some point and
a mark was not made on the cylider tooth that would be the initial
tooth to engage the bed track.

Reprex proof presses were sold by American Printing Equipment of Long
Island City, NY. They may have a manual that you could purchase.
Phone 718.729.5779.

The oily sheen on your rollers sounds simply like they are "glazed".
Ink, if not *completely* removed from rollers, will eventually build up
and oxidize to a shiny surface that will not accept ink properly.

You can try "Putz Pomade" to deglaze, or Van Son "Rapid One-Step"
which is what I use between wash-ups from dark to light colors.
It strips and rejuvinates rubber rollers. Do not use it on urethane

In the end you may want to invest in a new set of rollers. As a beginner
you will probably want to eliminate as many variables that will act as
impediments to learning as possible.

A good source of diverse and helpful opinion and information is
the Letpress list.

Don't quote me as I don't have my documentaion any longer, but you should =

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Best in lead, tin and antimony,
Michael Babcock
interrobang letterpress
Jamaica Plain, MA

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