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Special Offer: 60pt. Blue/Grey Board

1700 sheets;  60pt, blue/grey board;  9 =BD x 11 (grain long) board. =
Board has
a pH of 8.5 with 3% calcium carbonate reserve.=20

This board is great for making boxes, edition binding, blank books,
workshops, and more.=20

Cost is $.60/sheet, packaged in units of 100 sheets only (minimum order =
100 sheets) for a total of $60.00 + s/h.=20

To order call 1-800-448-6160 and ask for offer "MISCARCH1." Please do =
respond to this message to order. Call the 1-800 number.

If you would like to be reminded of future special offers such as this
please let us know. Likewise, if there are other small/odd sizes of =
this or
tan (40pt) board you would be interested in. We'll see what we can do.

Thank you for your interest in Gaylord Brothers archival products.

Peter D. Verheyen
Archival Product Development Manager / Conservator
Gaylord Brothers
Box 4901
Syracuse, NY 13221
315.457.5070, ext.203
315.451.4760 <fax>

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