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Re: Special Offer: 60pt. Blue/Grey Board

You can make yourself a jig to easily cut board by getting the largest
size cutting mat, a piece of wood (1" square) or aluminum channel, a piece
of plywood which equals the (width of the cutting mat) x (height of
cutting mat + 1") Screw the wood (width of cutting mat) to the board flush
to the edge. Then turn over, screw in some rubber feet so it doesn't slip.
Flip over again, plop down the cutting mat and using and "L-Square" cut
away. This will ensure that your cuts are square. Forearm strength is is
up the individual, and cutting usually works best at slightly below bench
heigt so you can also apply your weight. I use the "Olfa" style snap-off
blade knife and change blades often. Davey board will chew up blades, the
blue/grey board is better, but also quite dense. Mat board is relatively
easy, but softer.

Your other option would be to buy a Kutrimmer floor model board shear.
You'll need the longest size blade to cut board on the short side. Cost is
about $1500. Bookmakers (mowery@xxxxxxxxx) sells them.

Unfortunately there is no EASY way to cut board. The smaller pieces I just
re-posted the special offer for will at least fit on most smaller
paper/board cutters.

Hope this helps.



Peter Verheyen, Listowner: Book_Arts-L

On Wed, 29 Jul 1998, Mary Hackney wrote:

> What is the best, read cheapest, easily accessible , way to cut this or
> regular Davey board?  I'm not that good with a utility knife, so are there
> any cutters that you could recommend?
> Mary Hackney aka Synchronicity

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