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Re: Washington State Classes?


I can't help with classes in Washington state (the closest place might be
Orgeon College of Arts and Crafts) but here's a tip for your second

Since our website was named a site of the month for June by the Mining Co.,
I suggest you go there and click on the "Book Arts" button on the left side
of the page. Then follow the links at the bottom of each page in the Book
Arts section. They will give you a general introduction to: the book,
papermaking, paper decorating, calligraphy, typesetting, printing, wood
engraving, bookbinding, etc.

The "Exhibitions" section will lead you to The Art of the Book '98, an
on-line catalogue of our 15th anniversary exhibition which will give you
lots of visual examples.

The "Workshops" section will give a good example of the kinds of workshops
you might expect to find.

The "Links" page will take you to literally hundreds of other book arts
sites, organized by category, some of which are very educational.

Finally, the order in which you learn the Book Arts is, in my opinion, not
that important although the order I have laid out on the website has a
certain logic to it. Most people in the Book Arts don't know everything
about all of them: it really depends on your own interests and which of
them inspires you the most. Unless you want to be like Dard Hunter and make
every part of your own books, you don't need to know it all.

Good luck and have fun,

Richard Miller <rmiller@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

The Canadian Bookbinders and Book Artists Guild website:


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