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Rubber Stamps


This is my first post here, so please forgive me if I get some
of the terminology wrong!

I'm making 50 folders for an artist/illustrator, for her to use
as a 'mini-portfolio' - to hold examples of her artwork etc.

Initially, these folders were going to be rubber stamped with a
small logo and illustration, with the stamp being no larger
than approx. 100mm x 75mm. I've tried it with a stamp of this
size, and it's working great - I'm very happy with the results.

However, they would now like the illustration (lineart) to
cover most of the entire front of the folder, and this would be
approx. 220mm x 305mm - would it be possible to use a rubber
stamp that size or would it become to unwieldy?

What is the largest size rubber stamp anyone here has
successfully used?

I'm looking into other ideas for this too - possibly a lino cut
or a letterpress relief pate?

The effect of the illustration is more important than the
actual print quality, and the variation between prints will add
to the 'hand-made' feel of the folders.

It's going to be a single ink - most likely black - rubber
stamped onto 350gsm Harvest (light tan/brown) ColourPlan Card
(G F Smith).

A further possibly is the use of embossing metallic stamping -
rubber stamp the glue, sprinkle on the metallic embossing
powder, remove the excess, then finish & seal it with a heat

I'm now wondering if a rubber stamping an image of the size
above is just not possible?

Any comments and advice are most appreciated and many thanks
for your time.

Best regards,


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