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Re: Rubber Stamps

At 03:17 AM 8/2/1998 +0100, you wrote:
>This is my first post here, so please forgive me if I get some
>of the terminology wrong!

>I'm making 50 folders for an artist/illustrator, for her to use
>as a 'mini-portfolio' - to hold examples of her artwork etc.

>Initially, these folders were going to be rubber stamped with a
>small logo and illustration, with the stamp being no larger
>than approx. 100mm x 75mm. I've tried it with a stamp of this
>size, and it's working great - I'm very happy with the results.

>However, they would now like the illustration (lineart) to
>cover most of the entire front of the folder, and this would be
>approx. 220mm x 305mm - would it be possible to use a rubber
>stamp that size or would it become to unwieldy?

>What is the largest size rubber stamp anyone here has
>successfully used?

>I'm looking into other ideas for this too - possibly a lino cut
>or a letterpress relief pate?

It sounds like a metal or plastic plate might not obtain the results that
you want. A lino cut wouldn't be too bad. With some patience you should be
able to take an ink roller, ink up the plate lying flat on a table, lay the
folder on top then use a rolling pin on the back to produce the impression.
The big problem here is that you might get effects from the pocket in the
folder. I suppose putting the folder on the bottom and lino cut upside down
above and using the rolling pin might work, although regardless of the
impression technique, the more I think about, the more I'm convinced that
you'll have problems if the image crosses over the folder line. It also
occurs to me that properly mounted, you should be able to do the above just
as well with a really huge rubber stamp as a lino cut, although I've never
really tried.


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