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ANNOUNCE: Catalogue of Press Books

Rulon-Miller Books has recently updated its website,

We've uploaded 3 new catalogues including:

--Fine Printing: Small & Private Press Books
500 beautiful books, mostly of the 20th century

This and others catalogues on Books about Books, Language,
British History, Minnesota and the Upper Midwest,
Vietnam, and other subjects are accessible from

All of our on-line catalogues are now SEARCHABLE from

Hope to see you there!

Tracy E. Smith
Rulon-Miller Books
Rare & Fine Books in Many Fields
400 Summit Avenue
Saint Paul, MN  55102
1-800-441-0076 or 1-651-290-0700
Fax: 1-651-290-0646
Email: rulon@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Web:  www.rulon.com

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