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Re: Rubber Stamps - Thank You!!


I'd like to thank everyone for their great replies and for all
the advice about rubber stamping, in reply to my question on
Sunday. The response was amazing! Within a couple of hours of
my question, I had loads of enthusiastic ideas and comments
from this list - thank you!

After reading through all the replies, I've decided to give the
rubber stamp a try - but more than likely in a smaller
size. The replies have also given me many new ideas too, that
I'm now hoping to use on the next project! (a mini
portfolio/booklet of lineart images).

The folders are to be made from single sheets of card, so I'll
rubber stamp the flat card, then trim and fold them to avoid
printing over any folds etc.

Thanks once again, it's very much appreciated and I'll let the
list know how the folders and stamping turns out.

Best regards,


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