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Re: Pin Pricks

There truly is "nothing new under the sun."  Just this week I had a
calligraphy client who wanted me to add what he referred to as *scrolling* to
the mat of an already somewhat complex piece. I'm not sure even he knew what
he meant by that.  I didn't feel confident doing a pen border on the mat so I
just played around with some mat scraps, including carving the mat with a V-
groover. Everything was too much...called attention to itself and drew away
from the callig.

In the process I stumbled onto this: what if I pierced holes right through the
matboard with an awl about 1/8" apart to do a monolinear outline of the
flourishes I was experimenting with? It was so much more subtle. I was using
some typical swash designs and then I thought about devising some corner
flourishes from his wife's initials, whom the piece is for. It looked really
cool, and you really only *get* that they are the initials if someone tells
you, but I like the secrets in the art that someone else may or may not pick
up on.

Anyway, I had never seen this done on mats (or in books for that matter),
though I'm sure it has been, and I find it serendipitous that it is being
mentioned here now. I shouldn't be surprised in a culture where everything
else is being multiply-pierced! ;-D

All the best,

Beth Weiss

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