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Re: Commonplace Books, one more time

>Bookish friends--
>OK, OK.  Since I got no responses to my question about the history of
>commonplace books it has occurred to me and has been suggested by an
>eminent member of the list that the term "commonplace book" is not very
For further pursuit of this topic you might want to contact the people
responsible for the following call which appeared originally on the rare
book librarian list, Exlibris.

John Renjilian

>-Call for Proposals-
>Layered History: The Scrapbook, the Commonplace Book, and the Album
>We are in the process of preparing a volume of essays on the history of
>scrapbooks, commonplace books, albums, and other "holders" of
>memorabilia, photographs, and printed matter.
>We invite authors to submit 2-3 page proposals that treat these objects
>within a framework that includes material and print cultures,
>autobiography, literary criticism, folklore, or the history
>of libraries and archives.  We also encourage submissions
>that look at the organization of knowledge through an exploration
>of various methods of keeping records and journals.  Essays should be
>engaging and of broad interest to scholars in many academic disciplines.
>Please send proposals by August 15, 1998 to Patricia Buckler, Director
>of Composition, Purdue University North Central, Westville, Indiana 46391
>(ppb@xxxxxxxxxxxx) and Susan Tucker,Curator of Books and Records
>Newcomb College Center for Research on Women, Tulane University,
>New Orleans, La. 70118 (susannah@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx)

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