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Re: Pin Pricks

Ted, Beth and all ...

How often what we are doing now impacts all our impressions.

Some of us, at least, thought of the pin pricking as an end unto itself ....
as in pegamano.
your message, in contrast, made me think:
     If the origami was quilt patterning (possibly for reversible quilts)
     Then the pin pricks could be stencils to mark quilts for the actual
quilting ....
     the marking being down by pouncing powder thru the holes.


>Beth -
>        I was intrigued by your new method of illumation on the matt of your
>work. I've come across pin pricks as a method of transfer used in the
>middle ages and by the Renaissance painters, but never as a form of
>design itself.
>Ted Labow

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