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Re: Pin Pricks

Ciaobiddy wrote:

<<Some of us, at least, thought of the pin pricking as an end unto itself ....
as in pegamano..>>

I am only somewhat familiar with this craft, but have never tried it. A  while
after I decided to pierce the mat the other night, it occurred to me that a
pergamno pattern would be a quick solution. But the late hour (early hour ;-)
and looming deadline forced me to design my own pattern and that really was
for the best this time. Necessity can be a very helpful *Mother* under the
right circumstances!

I do plan to at least look at the pergamano patterns next time I am near a
paper crafts place; not only for matcutting inspiration, but now for book and
broadside illustration as well. For those of us who teach, this might be a
technique to introduce to students who feel they are *drawing impaired* but
want to add some sort of design to their texts.


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