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Re: Pin Pricks

>From this quote one might get the impression that pouncing was not
practised until the fourteenth century. In actuality, there are pounces
that survive from the "Late Roman Art Industry," e.g. a Coptic pounce from
the IVth-VIth centuries.

Alexander's point here is that one must distinguish pictures (creative,
spontaneous, good), from decoration (pounced, mechanical, bad) in Medieval
and Renaissance art, and "therefore" pouncing was not used for the "good"
stuff - not an argument I'd care to defend.

 On Sun, 9 Aug 1998, Ted Labow wrote:
> You might find this passage
> interesting. It is from Medieval Illuminators and Their Methods of Work
> by Jonathan J.G. Alexander (Yale University Press, 1992):
> The
> earliest known surviving use of pouncing from pricked cartoons is of the
> 1340's in the Orcagnesque frescoes in Sta maria Novella, Florence...

Paul Werner, New York City

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