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Re: Cover Repair

I had always used Lincoln shoe dressing until I read Robert Colver's
articel, "Bringing New Life to Tired Tomes" in the March '98 issue of OP
World.  He recommends Meltonion shoe cream.  I used it on the last leather
job I had and liked it because it does not dry out the leather as
alcohol-based Lincoln's does.

You may want to read Colver's columns in O.P. World.  At first, I thought
he emphasized repairs for cosmetic reasons only since the magazine is aimed
at booksellers, but there is a lot of good information in his articles.

The URL is: www.interloc.com

On the home page, click on O.P. World under PRODUCTS AND PUBLICATIONS.
Scroll down to Back Issues to find the Colver's March article.  While
you're at the site, read his column in the succeeding issues.  They're
long; you may want to print them to read later.

Hope this helps,


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>What is the best kind of dye to use in touching up leather covers and
>cloth covers. These books are late 19 th c. and early 20th c., and do
>not require rebinding.
>Tom Fenn
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