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Re: BOOK_ARTS-L Digest - 9 Aug 1998 to 10 Aug 1998

In a message dated 8/10/98 11:09:53 PM, Sam wrote:
<<Subject: Re: Pin Pricks

How about "pouncing" light through the pin pricks to enlarge an original?>>

As I mentioned in my message to Ed Hutchins, I've been working with pinprick
patterns and drawing since 1980...in my photography, I often pinprick areas
for light and light patterns to come through and even did a series where I
made the photographs with a pin-hole camera that was made from a pin-
pinpricked photo...and pinpricked the final photo, of course.  Some of my more
recent work with handmade paper (in books and in installations) also uses
pinpricking of large areas (which is tedious but really stunning, especially
with translucent flax papers).  Something I particularly like which hasn't
been mentioned, is the direction of the pricking as I often create adjacent
patterns by pricking through the front vs. through the back - the paper burst
forms in different directions.  Another result from mechanical means is
varying the size of the needles/awls used.
I'd love to see any artwork others have done : please contact me at my email
Lastly, I've never 'pounced' anything other than light through my pinprick
holes and am glad to hear of this possibility.
Robbin Ami Silverberg
Dobbin Mill/ Dobbin Books

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