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Re: Commonplace Books, one more time

Hello, I've been lurking for a few weeks and have learned a great deal from all
of you.  Interestingly, just after I saw the discussion on Commonplace Books, I
was given one (I think) by an older relative.  I'd like to describe it to see
whether it really is one of these:
This leather quarter-bound (? leather spine and corners) book is in really bad
shape, but is still readable.  It measures 8" x 12.5".  It looks to have
originally been a business ledger, as there are handwritten figures in the
pages.  (lists of items such as 2 lb coffee - 2,  1 box caps - 1,  57 lbs raw
hide - 57 cents, etc...) But the next owner of the book had pasted blocks of
newsprint stories and poetry throughout the pages.  An identifier leaflet shows
that this was my husband's grandmother's grandmother's; Kansas, 1862.  What a
treat is is to look through the quaint stories and quips.  Is it a commonplace
book?  I imagine the acid from the newsprint hasn't done this book any favors.
Any ideas for preservation?  Note:  I'm no pro; so easy ideas only please! ;-)


Lisa Thun
*Dancing Moon Design*:
*Handmade grief journals and keepsake boxes*

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