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Mac & QuarkExpress Book Signature Layout Q's

A couple of page layout questions.

I'm using a Mac and QuarkExpress 3.3 to layout a long-ish book.
Approximately 160+ numbered pages, which is nine four-sheet signatures
and one five-sheet signature. This translates into 82 two sided (left
and right) Quark pages which contain one very long linked text block
connected from page 1 to page 82. This doesn't include the title page
and colophon - these are separate text blocks.

When the final text is layed out - checked for spelling, checked to see
that all text blocks link up correctly when printed as signatures, etc.
I have to manually remove any line breaks which may appear at the top
of a page. If I don't, the text looks like it starts too low on the
page. this is a very time consuming and laborious task. Is it possible
to automate this process? IE: have Quark (or any layout program)
intuitively know that there should *not* be a line break at the top of
a page, but to remember to add that necessary line break back between
paragraphs if the story gets moved up or down.

As for pagination, I prefer having page "1" begin at the title page -
if that's correct or not I'm not even sure. But I can set up the
"A-Master-A" page to number each successive Quark page, but the actual
layout is not in numerical order. IE: Page one is really next to page
16 in a four page signature, etc. I haven't found a way for quark to
recognize this layout scheme -

Is there an professional Publishing page layout program 'out there' for
Mac that will automate these tasks? Or maybe a Quark extension which
can do this?

Thanks in advance!

Blurry eyed and typed-out in Rhode Island -

Jason Thompson
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