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Re: Mac & QuarkExpress Book Signature Layout Q's

You can control WHERE you want to position the first line of the text box with
BASELINE SHIFT on the style menu. 9I'm not sure if that's what you are talking
Try the SECTION option (you set different section, which you may paginate
differently: roman numerals etc) but again I don't know if you may skip form
page 1 to 16. Maybe you can use different master pages (even if they have the
same layout you might want to change but the PAGE NUMERS, being able to set
the numbering that you want) In the master page you can number the current
page (shift+3), the previous page and the next page...

In any case: I would recommend you to take a look at : http://www.quark.com
and check out the section about FAQ and technical issues. It's really helpful!
Hope this helps, Good luck
Elena Ruano

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