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Re: Mac & QuarkExpress Book Signature Layout Q's

I know in PageMaker, there is a utility which will take a sequentially
numbered series of pages and turn it into a booklet (or a signature). You
layout your book in numerical order (i-x,1-160, etc. which makes it easy to
layout) then run this utility and it creates a new file which shuffles the
pages around so that 1 and 16 will be back to back, 2 and 15, etc, or
whatever order you need.  I'm not sure if Quark has anything similar, but I
would assume so, since both programs keep mimicing the other with new
As Elena Ruano mentioned, I would check the quark website to see if they
have a FAQ file or maybe try the usenet newsgroup for Quark (if such a
group exists).


  Eric Alstrom
  Athens, Ohio

... and it is remarkable, thinks Russ, how much earthly
disturbance, how much summer and dust the mind can manage
to order up from a single Latin letter lying flat.

                        Don DeLillo, Underworld (1997)

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