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Re: Mac & QuarkExpress Book Signature Layout Q's

>I'm using a Mac and QuarkExpress 3.3 to layout a long-ish book.
>When the final text is layed out - checked for spelling, checked to see
>that all text blocks link up correctly when printed as signatures, etc.
>I have to manually remove any line breaks which may appear at the top
>of a page. If I don't, the text looks like it starts too low on the
>page. this is a very time consuming and laborious task. Is it possible
>to automate this process? IE: have Quark (or any layout program)
>intuitively know that there should *not* be a line break at the top of
>a page, but to remember to add that necessary line break back between
>paragraphs if the story gets moved up or down.
I use Pagemaker rather than Quark, but I suspect it would work the same
way. I *never* use hard returns to create line breaks between paragraphs.
Instead, use the paragraph settings dialog to define a line break above or
below (whichever makes sense) the paragraphs in question. That way, when a
paragraph begins at the top of a column it will align with the top of the
column and you won't have that annoying extra space. At this point, you can
use some kind of search and replace function to get rid of all the double
hard returns, then select all the text you want to associate line breaks
with and make the change. It's pretty simple. If you want the line breaks
between paragraphs to be consistent throughot the book it should take you
about five minutes.
Does this make sense?

>"A-Master-A" page to number each successive Quark page, but the actual
>layout is not in numerical order. IE: Page one is really next to page
>16 in a four page signature, etc. I haven't found a way for quark to
>recognize this layout scheme -

I have not been able to make Pagemaker do imposition.  There are so many
variables. You have to know how it will be printed--sheet size, etc. (which
I presume you already know since you are on this list), but I don't believe
the page layout programs were designed to do that work--unless I'm missing

Tom Sanders
Director of Communications
Tusculum College

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