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Re: Mac & QuarkExpress Book Signature Layout Q's

Thank you for explaining how to make booklets in PageMaker for the Mac,
Charles. I have not done it for awhile and am not at home on my Mac to look
it up. But I have done it in the past and it is a terrific time saver, but
make sure if you are doing it for the first time you practice on a copy of
your file, not the original. I remember really messing things up and
wishing I had a backup to start over. And I know PM4.2 has it, because that
is the version I first used to make the booklets.


At 10:56 PM 8/12/98 -0600, you wrote:
>>Eric Alstrom wrote:
>>> I know in PageMaker, there is a utility which will take a sequentially
>>> numbered series of pages and turn it into a booklet (or a signature).
>In PM 5 for the Mac, and I am sure 6 as well as PM4, choose Utilities
>-Additions from the menu bar.  That will be the same list with ps group and
>ungroup it.About halfway down there is "Build booklet".   I have also set
>up signatures by hand.  The PM program really does make it easy.

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