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Re: Common-Place Books, yet again

The use of the commonplace book discussed here seems to be a memory jogger.
People in current times have replaced the commonplace book with a good-sized
library and highlighters or underlining.

Does anyone on the list do their own sort of record keeping comparable to that
in the commonplace books?

With the advent of computers and search functions, some people do take notes
in text, or even some sort of personal information manager (PIM).  One
product used to be called "Instant Recall", designed for that very purpose.
A friend doing a doctoral thesis was talking about "forest and trees" or
something similar as a program - some sort of semi-structured database that
allows a lot of free-form input.

Something comparable was mentioned in "Education of a Wandering Man", where the
author spent much time as a young man reading, and kept a list of every book
he read.  "Education of a Wandering Man" is the autobiography of Louis L'amore.
(spelling subject to correction).

-Karen from Atlanta

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