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Flexagons editioned!

I am writing in the glow of having approved laser printed proofs of two flexagons
for Two Metaphysical Threes, a pair of flexagons with electronmicrograph images of
caribou hairs and a sea urchin shell, among other things, with text from a
Thanksgiving by Thomas Traherne.  The two threes are earth, air and water, and
animal, vegetable and mineral, and the text is distributed along the edge of the
images.  The two color flexagons will be "encased" in a wonderful four-flapped
envelope I learned to make in one of Carol Barton's workshops at CBA (I suspect she
taught me the flexagon structure, too), with the complete text and a legend of
images letterpress printed inside.  They will be finished by the end of the
Writing to the list is as close as I can come to walking out on Broadway and
shouting to the teeming masses in relief and happiness that it's DONE! If I walk out
into my yard here in Flatrock, the two nearest neighbors might hear me (if they're
home) and Billy Parsons might look up from cultivating his cabbage, but somehow it
lacks the oomph of sending the word across the planet in a virtual shout.
Of course, it isn't REALLY done, as there's still the scoring, folding and gluing to
be done, but since I've been working on the idea for over a year, having it
committed to paper feels like completion.
Okay, I feel better now. Thank you for being there.  If anyone is interested in more
info, I'd be happy to rave on, but I'll limit that to personal inquiries.

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