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Re: Mac & Quark Thanks

In a message dated 98-08-14 09:16:39 EDT, you write:

<< As for pagination, I think the best way to number the story is by hand -
 especially for a multi signature book. The problem with automating this
 task is that the Quark pages which are numbered 1-4 are the front four
 sheets in my 4 page signature and the Quark pages numbered 5-8 are the back
 of the four sheets, and so on, and there's a five page signature in the end
 just to confuse things more. With this layout, it's virtually impossible to
 correctly automate pagination. I don't think I'd trust Quark enough anyway
 - I'd still be inclined to manually check each page! >>

<< Maybe there's a bookbinder/software developer who will someday create a
program to automate all this! >>

Hi all,

I must speak in favor of a far cheaper software--For Microsoft Windows:
Publisher 98 is about one-eighth the cost of Quark (which is available in
Windows platform) and the three versions of Publisher I have worked with
creates automatic paginated signatures. Coupled with Microsoft Word, also
relatively inexpensive, and a scanner, I have created illustrated books of 200
pages. However, it's not available for the Mac platform. Perhaps some research
would uncover an alternative for Mac users. Has anyone checked the Internet
under Book Publishing or Self Publishing?

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