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choosing software was Re: Mac & Quark Thanks

Mary Crest wrote:

> I must speak in favor of a far cheaper software--For Microsoft Windows:

> would uncover an alternative for Mac users. Has anyone checked the Internet
> under Book Publishing or Self Publishing?

Another option to consider if funds are limited is to look hard for software
bargains.  I picked up a legal licenseable copy of PageMaker 6 for under $100
(missing packaging).  Supplementary texts are readily available for the major
software programs -- which sometimes is nice or even necessary when the
accompanying manuals aren't as well written (I will never forget reading in two
supposedly complimentary software program manuals "for instructions on how to
install X for use with Y,  see Y manual"/"for instructions on how to use Y with
X,  see X manual" -- an email to both companies took almost a week before the
first response got back to me).

Not trying to knock Publisher,  which I've heard small press publishers talk about
as their software of choice -- however also be aware that sometimes clever or
lucky shopping can net software at discount.  (I also once bought a very old
version of a software program from a retailer eager to get rid of it,  and paid a
small fee for the latest upgrade.)


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