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New Title: BOOKBINDING FOR BOOK ARTISTS by Keith Smith and Fred Jordan.

Announcing a new title:
BOOKBINDING FOR BOOK ARTISTS by Keith Smith and Fred Jordan.
432 pages Smythe sewn paperback $35. Also available in sheets, $35.
ISBN  0-9637682-5-5

BOOKBINDING FOR BOOK ARTISTS presents a simple approach to binding a book
in cloth or leather. It eliminates the skill required to pare leather or to
sew endbands. Household tools are substituted for traditional binding
equipment. Instructions for making a simple book press are included.
Three bindings are described in detail:
? Pamphlet Binding with Boards gives a substantial presentation of a book
with only 4 to 32 pages. This hard cover book is presented as quarter
cloth, half or full cloth. It is described both with the endsheets as
paste-down, as well as exposed cloth hinges on the inside of the boards.
This binding gives a substantial presentation for small projects.
? Flat Back is ideal for medium size projects. Shown as sewn onto tapes, it
gives a book of 24 to 100 pages. It is the most commonly used binding for
hard cover artists books.
? Tight Back and the Hollow Back variation are presented as leather bound
books, rounded and backed. This gives an arch which structurally allows a
book to be bound with hundreds of pages. Yet, this elegant binding can have
as few as 32 pages.

BOOKBINDING FOR BOOK ARTISTS has over 400 detailed drawn illustrations to
augment the text. They are the most elaborate illustrations in Smith's
books-on-books to date.
This new book contains 60 photo reproductions of books by 19 contemporary
binders and book artists.

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? Volume II Non-Adhesive Binding: 1- 2- & 3-Section Sewings. ISBN
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? Volume III Non-Adhesive Binding: Exposed Spine Sewings. ISBN
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? Text in the Book Format. ISBN   0-9637682-3-9   $17.50

Keith Smith has been a book artist since 1967, and has written 5
books-on-books in addition to Bookbinding for Book Artists with Fred Jordan.
Fred Jordan is a bookbinder, conservator and teacher who has been working
with books and paper since 1975. He lives in upstate New York with his
wife, Ellie.

Available wholesale/retail from:
keith smith BOOKS,  22 Cayuga Street, Rochester, NY 14620-2153
Telephone or Fax: 716 473 6776
Email inquiries and orders:  mailto:ksbooks@xxxxxxxxxx

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