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Re: Thomas Larque

Send updates to me. I'm behind (apologies to Louise Neaderland) but hope to
get caught up on life some time soon.


At 06:07 AM 8/15/98 -0700, you wrote:
>Does anyone know what has happened with Thomas Larque?  I have missed his
>postings since he had trouble with his computer several months ago.  It
>must have been serious. I sent him an e-mail a few weeks ago, but have not
>received an answer.
>What is the status of the catalog?  Thomas was just about to update it at
>the time of his computer's demise.
>Any news?
>Betty   storz@xxxxxxx

                                >>> I loved working in the library. <<<
>>There was something to be said for working in a place bound in leather.<<

Peter D. Verheyen
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