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Re: BOOK_ARTS-L Digest - 10 Aug 1998 to 11 Aug 1998

My husband, retired architect, says it's called a bollard.

You're welcome,


At 11:10 AM 8/15/98 EDT, you wrote:
>To Allison Chipman or any other List member:
>  In readin g your recent contribution I noticed your title of Editor, AAT,
>Vocabulary Program, Getty Information Institute.  I was wondering if you
>assist me in the search for a word: I am working on an artist book about an
>architectural element that i have not been able to name.  It is found at the
>base of entranceways of factories and garages and functions like a bumper in
>that it protects the doorway from traffic going through.  They are usually
>made of metal; sometimes cement...often bomb-shaped but always wondrously
>sculptural.  A bumper has springs; a guardpost is free-standing.  Would
you at
>the Vocabulary program or anyone on the List happen to know what they are
>named?   Thanks.
>Robbin Ami Silverberg
>Dobbin Books

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