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An off topic invitation

My interest in bookmaking was whetted by a cyber-scries exchange
and while most of what you do and discuss is far beyond my ability
I enjoy this group and thought I would extend this invitation to all of you.

The original post .... which appears below ... went to CyberScribes -- an
online calligraphy group --
It has also been forwarded privately to a few artists and graphics people
whose work I would like
to see included.

If you are interested, please contact me directly.
If you know someone else who might be interested .... please forward the
message to them.

Shalom and Aloha


Yes, I am shouting!
The idea struck me and I couldn't wait ...

If you want to do a Round Robin Paper Quilt on PEACE IN ANY LANGUAGE ....
Send me a note!

It will only take a little work .... and a little money .... less than $5 in
any currency ****
One square of paper -- probably 2.75 inches square -- That equals 7 cm square

Each person will prepare a square representing peace ....
It can include the word in any language or just be a pictoral representation.
It can be done in any color on any color
and in any medium or mixed medium.

I will, then, mount all the pieces on matboard to simulate a quilt ....
with decoration and other "whatever it needs'.

Anyone who participates agrees to my taking the Peace In Any Language quilt
to Writing Beyond Words in 1999
and to being reproduced in a magazine
so everyone there can see this -- an I hope other -- online project(s).

**** I am a little uncomfortable asking for money
     but I want to open this project to everyone
     and not have to limit the quality of what you get back
     because it is too costly to do it well

     Depending on how many people participate and how the colors work,
     I will either make color copies for everyone ....
     or 8 x 10 color prints ....

and for now

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