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Re: Book Signature Layout Q's

Quark can make press signatures, I work for a commercial printer in the
pre press dept.
I also do 95% film output from Quark.

I think the first question you should ask is what press sheet size will
be run, also what finished size is
the book ? our max size sheet 19 x 25 inches. if the page size 8.5 x 11
we can run what's called a 8 page
signature, 4 x 2 sides.

When I receive files ( Quark, Pagemaker ) I always want them in reader
spreads, so we can fit the
printer spreads to or specific press requirements !

For your specific job I use a program called PressWise its a specialized
program for large book
layout. It cost $5,000 Bucks.

If you must layout this in Quark you must find out what size press sheet
will be used, or how many
pages will be printed up in one pass thru the press. First thing I do is
Make a dummy with page numbers
by hand.  Divide the number of pages (160 total ) by the number of pages
up on the press ( 8 page Sig )
= 20 Sigs.

Ok would then in Quark make a new doc with page size of 19 x 25 , then
open your book file and using
the dummy I would  copy and paste each page into the new printer spread,
I know this sounds like alot of
work but it goes pretty fast using the dummy.

My advise on printer spreads is let the printers pre press dept. do it !

Chuck Fowler
Renaissance Press

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