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Re: Commonplace, scrap and other books ...

In your message dated 7 Aug:

>To relate this to the discussion subject, the engravings are all on the
>recto side with the verso blank. Many of the verso pages have what
>appear to be contemprary ink comments about the insect(s) on the
>facing page. Would anyone care to hazard a guess whether this was
>the intended purpose of the blank page (is grangerised the term?) or
>just a happy convenience for the owner?

The term "grangerised" refers to a man, a book collector I think in the early
1800s (?), who would collect many engravings and bind them into the normal
edition of a work.   For example I believe the Dorchester Local History
Library in Dorset has a set of Hutchins's 3rd edition "History of Dorset" with
many extra engravings bound with the 4 volumes.  I have done the same with a
volume of Laws's "Little England beyond Wales" - it is one way I suppose to
return the engravings cut out of books to their original purpose.

Rodney Fry
<rod.fry@xxxxxxxx >

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