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Re: Need new printer <sigh>

Best Printer on the market are the Epson Series if you are looking for color
ink jet. Inks dry in 2 seconds.  The image quality is amazing. I need to use a
X10 loop on one of my prints just to see the dots. They are inexpensive and
depending on what you are using it for I can give you some recommendations to
specific Models.
600 - cheapest or the line. I think you can get it for as little as $150.
8.5"X? 4 color. Lower quality prints than any of the following printers but
still very good quality.
800 - good standard inkjet for text and image. 8.5"X? 4 color
850 - newer and with newer head technology makes even better images and is
networkable. 8.5"X? 4 color
Photo Stylus 700 - good image printer. They say it's not for text but it prnts
text as well as the others I've seen. 8.5"X44"  6 color ( the additional 2
colors are a light magenta and light cyan) The printer will convert CMYK and
RGB files to fit the 6 color format)
Photostylus EX - Big brother to the Photo700. 11.9"X44". 6 colors.  I have
this one. Runs $500 and worth it. There is a big dead space on all these
printers. up to .5" on a side. It helps being able to send images sideways so
I can my images on the page without losing anything.

All inkjets need RIP software to handle EPS (encapsalated Post Script) and
Post Script Fonts. Laser printers have this built into their processor chips
but ink jets have no processor chips (not unless you want to pay over $1500
for an inkjet) The RIP software will convert EPS and PostScript fonts into
100% compatable data for the ink jet to print out. Without it you will get
bitmapping or strange lines showing up with the text. Quark is notorius for
these problems. This is because Quark turns their image files into EPS when
sending to a printer. Even if you saved the original image as a TIFF. More
noticable when you drop text boxes over image baxes. Now, this problem doesn't
always show up. One of those weird voodoo/karma type things. I have a friend
with an Epson Stylus 600 and doesn't have any problems with outputs. (or so he
says) Actually I did see some of his images bitmapped but not always.

If you have more questions you can email me.
By the way, Amocco provides all the plastics for HP (Hewlett Packard) inkjet
printers. My Morther works in that plastics reasearch division. Believe me HP
does not have good materials to work with. That's why I don't recommend HP.
They use to make great printers but they havn't been keeping up. (Apple use to
make ink jet printers but people didn't realize is HP actually made printers
for Apple. A special deal they worked out. That's why you didn't see any HP
printers for Apple. Now with Apple stoping their inkjet printer line HP will
begin to make Apple compatable inkjets.)


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