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Re: Coptic Question

Ah, yes.  I was just reading Keith Smith vol. 3 last night and he quotes
someone as sayig that the term Coptic binding is a "semantic mess."
Based on that I would guess that "all of the above" is the correct answer
to your question.  We'll see what other people have to say.  I can get
you the exact quote and the person who said it if you want--I'm at work
right now and the book is at home.

Joyce Jenkins
Petersburg, Alaska

On Tue, 18 Aug 1998, Roberta Lavadour wrote:

> I keep seeing what I have always thought was a link stitch referred to as a
> coptic binding.
> I thought that a coptic binding was sewn with one needle for each hole and
> that the covers were drilled or punched with three holes, two of them
> originating from the edge of the board.
> Which is correct?
> Roberta
> paper@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> www.papertrails.com

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