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I have just finished several new limited edition books.

Yes, Please & No, No, Never        3 1/2" x 3 1/2" x 2"    $150.00
A Jacob's Ladder format of the do's and don'ts of manners.  Color Xerox
images over binders board with plastic straps. Contained in a folded box
with operating instructions. Edition of 25.

The Anxiety Alphabet   7" x 4" x 3"  deluxe-$150.00 standard-$75.00
A Coptic bound alphabet book with a text relating to anxiety and it's
resolution. The cover rests on pins and needles. Computer printing on rag
paper. Deluxe edition of 10, standard edition of 25.

The Perfect Martini    7" x 5" x 5"    $150.00
A Japanese book cloth covered box containing a martini glass. The recipe is
contained inside the lid. Glass olive spike clasp. Edition of 6.

If you would like a color postcard, please send me your snail mail address,
off list, to emartin@xxxxxxxxxx

On another note, I have a website, courtesy of the Open Studio program:
Comments, criticism, or suggestions would be appreciated.
Thank you
Emily Martin

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