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Re: call for proposals -Reply

Hi, the Ethiopian scrolls sound very interesting. Here are the particular=
If there are any transmission problems, let me know.  PAGrass@xxxxxxx

=09We would like to invite you to submit a workshop proposal for the  fou=
rth=0Abiennial Oregon Book Arts Guild's l999 focus conference, Traditions=
 Across=0APlace & Time.  Even though the '99 conference will have a certa=
in emphasis on=0Acultural and historic traditions as it relates to book a=
rts, we want to offer=0Aa variety of skills that may or may not be direct=
ly related to traditions,  In=0Aother words, don't feel intimidated by th=
e word "traditions".
=09The confirmed dates for the Focus Conference are June 26-30, l999.  It=
 will=0Abe held at a conference center in Portland  Oregon.  In addition =
to the=0Aindividual workshops we will have an evening lecture, a two day =
trade show, a=0AGuild sales area, and an instructur's show.
=09Instructor compensation and benefits include the following:
=09l. Instructors will be compensated for their teaching time in the amou=
nt of=0A$100 per three hour block (l/2 day class =3D $100, 1 day class =
=3D$200, etc.).=0AInstructors should determine their own materials fees o=
n a per student basis.=0AThis materials fee will be collected with regist=
ration and dispersed to=0Ainstructors with the rest of their funds within=
 30 days of the close of the=0Aconference.
=092. Instructors may receive .20 per mile for travel over 40 miles from=
=0APortland up to a total of $50.  Airfare for out of state teachers will=
=093. Instructors are invited to submit up to two pieces of their finest =
work=0Afor the Instructor's Show.  Valley Art will host the show in their=
=094. Instructors are invited to sell their work and/or supplies and mate=
rials=0Aat the Guild sales area.  This area is open during the entire con=
ference and=0Ais very popular and has proved to be quite profitable in th=
e past.
=095. Instructors are welcome to register for any other conference worksh=
op that=0Athey are interested in at a 20% discount, materials not include=
=09We would like proposals returned as soon as possible but no later than=
=0ASeptember l5, l998.  Please consider joining us and don't hesitate to =
give me=0Aa call if you need additional information.

Catherine Kumlin
l999 Conference Workshop Coordinator
P.O. Box 2395
Clackamas,OR  97015=09=09=09=09=09=09
Questions: (503) 657-4765

Workshop Proposal

Oregon Book Arts Guild=92s l999 Conference, June 26-30
Even though this conference will have an emphasis on traditions across pl=
ace=0Aand time, we will also consider workshops in other aspects of the b=
ook arts.

Workshop title=0A________________________________________________________=
Address  ________________________________________________________________=
email _______________________________________________________
Workshop description=0A__________________________________________________=
Skill level (circle one)=09beginner=09intermediate       advanced=09    a=
ll levels
Length of workshop (circle one)  1/2 day (3 hr.)   1 day (6 hr.)   2 day =
(12=0Ahr.)   3 day (l8 hr.)
____=09Materials/eq=0Auipment to be supplied by student__________________=
Special materials/equipment to be brought by instructor=0A_______________=
Special classroom needs (equipment, water, electricity, etc.)=0A_________=
Maximun number of students=0A____________________________________________=
Have you taught this workshop before? If so,=0Awhere?____________________=

Return to:  Catherine Kumlin, P.O. Box 2395,  Clackamas, OR  97015
Questions: (503) 657-4765=0A

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