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Re: stinky stuff

Dear Diane, Beth. et al,

I don't understand.  I have never had PVA of any kind go bad or give out an
odor.  I certainly wouldn't use it at all if it had a sulfur smell or
changed color. Of course, I live in a blessed area where we have a natural
air conditioning system: after one or two hot days inland, the welcome fog
rolls in from the ocean and cools everything.

Perhaps, during hot summers, you could refrigerate your adhesives to see if
that would solve the problem.

Betty Storz     storz@xxxxxxx

>Dear Diane:
>Welcome! My PVA also goes very smelly after a few months, but I use it
>anyway - its too expensive to throw out! It gets worse in the summer. I
>dont know if its heat, mildew or mold, but it also changes color when it
>gets that "sulfur smell".
>Not much help, but I commiserate with you.
>Beth Priestley
>Painted Turtle Design
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Betty Storz   storz@xxxxxxx

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