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Re: stinky stuff

My PVA is from Colophon. Ordered it in half-gallon size, about a year ago.
Waited agout 4 to 5 mos before opening it because a friend had given me some
of hers. She wanted to use it up fast because there was a dark moldy growth
starting to take up residence on the side of her half gallon jug. Also
noticed in Genie Shenk's class that the PVA there would have that same nasty
smell after residing in the cabinet over the hot summer. Now am starting to
suspect that it's the warm year-round climate here in San Diego. Yikes! The
mold that ate San Diego!
Could refridgeration be in my PVA's future? Sounds like it.
As regards Davey board, don't want you to think we're wimps here, more like
curious about that smell. And very curious as to why different orders of
Davey board smell different.
Are you starting to think we have an odor fettish? Hmmm.

Diane In San Diego

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From: Don Rash <dnrash@xxxxxxxx>
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Date: Saturday, August 22, 1998 6:15 AM
Subject: Re: stinky stuff

>Betty Storz wrote:
>> I don't understand.  I have never had PVA of any kind go bad or give out
>> odor.  I certainly wouldn't use it at all if it had a sulfur smell or
>> changed color.
>I'm surprised, too. If I may ask, what brand of PVA are you folks using?
>all, the reason for PVA in the first place is that it's supposed to be
>And regarding the odor of Davey board: it's not that bad. I get it a half
>at a time and never had a problem with its smell. Yep, still got all my
>olfactory nerves, too. Besides how else are people going to know that
>in a bindery?
>Don Rash

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