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Re: stinky stuff

In relation to this I have a question, is PVA archival? And, is wheate
paste more archival? I never seem to have this right and would love to get
educated on this matter. I have this horrible feeling that the books I have
used PVA on will go "bad".

Also, what about that Gudy-O sheet adhesive? How's that? I thought I read
in my TALAS catalog that it was archival...but I have  to find it to check
on this.

I would appreciate any info anyone could provide.



>Your PVA has *definitely* gone bad. Do NOT use it!
>One of the sessions at the Paper and Book Intensive earlier this
>summer was on adhesives. We talked about this very problem. PVA can go
>bad, all the more unfortunate given how expensive it is. Call the folks at
>Colophon and report the problem. Nancy is a wonderful person, and should
>be glad to know if her products have a problem, and she should be willing
>to do something about it too.
>Ann Frellsen                         phone: 404-727-0307
>Preservation Office                    FAX: 404-727-0053
>Woodruff Library
>Emory University                     email: libavf@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>Atlanta, GA USA 30322-2870

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