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Delurk and the usual zillion questions

Hello All.  I'm Jack and this is my very first posting to this list.

I subscribed here because I'm just now making my very first book.  (I'm a
strange one, not only did I write it, and am doing my own binding, I also
created the language in which it was written :)  Of course, I had a lot of
questions, and after a web search, a visit to the library, and a look
through your archives most of them are answered.  (BTW: Thanks to all of
you for providing such good information, it helped a lot.)  Of course,
there are never answers to all of one's questions available, and I'm still
stuck with a few that I hope you can help me with.

1. I currently have MS works 3.0 for Windows, WordPerfect 6.0 for DOS, and
teX on my UNIX partition.  The file containing my book (all in one file,
fully formated with fonts, bold, etc. for 5.5 X 8.5" pages) is currently
in MS works.  Is there any way I can print it in signatures from Works, or
do I have to export it?  If there is, how?  The people in
microsoft.public.works.win don't have a clue.  The other two word
processors work on different OS's with different font sets, and I'd hate
to have to manually reset all of the font changes.  Is there a file format
common to all three programs and platforms that I can save it in?  Is
there a way to get WP6.0 for DOS to recognize and use windows TrueType
fonts?  Can I convert them to a UNIX format with something shareware?

2. (Related to 1) Is there a share/freeware program available which will
intercept pages printed to the printer and automaticly arrange them into
signatures of a given size?  That would solve my problem beautifully
without having to do anything more than just finishing it in Works and
running that.  If there isn't, would there be any interest in my creating
such a program?  What would be the algorythims for figuring out the order?

3. (totally unrelated questions about binding) What would be the best
cheap way to strengthen a binding during sewing.  At the moment, I'm
planning on just sewing onto a strip of burlap and gluing that into my
cover, but it would be very easy for me to add other steps if it'll make
the book last longer.  Is it better to sew with stitches close together or
further apart with a heavier thread?  Would scrap pigskin (My
grandfather's an upholdsterer) make a good cover material, or should I
just stick with a heavy weight fabric over my cover boards?

Thanks in advance to all of you for your advice, your fine webpages, and
all the information you provided to other people that came in handy.

        Jack Durst
[this posting written in Net English]

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