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Re: stinky stuff

Gerry & Diane wrote:

> My PVA is from Colophon. Ordered it in half-gallon size, about a year ago.
> Waited agout 4 to 5 mos before opening it because a friend had given me some
> of hers. She wanted to use it up fast because there was a dark moldy growth
> starting to take up residence on the side of her half gallon jug. Also
> noticed in Genie Shenk's class that the PVA there would have that same nasty
> smell after residing in the cabinet over the hot summer. Now am starting to
> suspect that it's the warm year-round climate here in San Diego. Yikes! The
> mold that ate San Diego!

You're probably right about its being the climate, One way to find out might be
to buy a small amount of another manufacturer's adhesive and let it sit around
for about the same period. In fact, I would think that any manufacturer would
have info about the shelf life of their products.

> Could refridgeration be in my PVA's future? Sounds like it.

You may know this already, but don't freeze it.

> As regards Davey board, don't want you to think we're wimps here, more like
> curious about that smell. And very curious as to why different orders of
> Davey board smell different.
> Are you starting to think we have an odor fettish? Hmmm.

I was just being facetious there. Shoulda done a : )  .  I don't know why they
should smell different, unless it's the amount of pulp going into sheets of
different calipers.

Don Rash


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