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Re: Delurk and the usual zillion questions

At 01:49 AM 8/23/98 -0500, you wrote:
>Jack Durst wrote:
>> 3. (totally unrelated questions about binding) What would be the best
>> cheap way to strengthen a binding during sewing.  At the moment, I'm
>Check out the following sites for tutorials on bookbinding by hand:
>Best of luck --
>Dear LL,

Some time ago I printed the Jones Bookbinding Tutorial (your first
reference) and tried it out. The instructions are for a non-adhesive,
supported long-stitch binding with a slotted spine cover. Somehow, I don't
think that's what Jack is looking for, but I may be wrong. I am not a
beginning bookbinder but I found trying to sew the stitches through the
slots so difficult that I quit, although I pride myself on not being a

I also printed out Sheila Summers' Basic Bookbinding Instructions (your
second reference) and have some comments:

1. If you follow her instructions for folding 8 1/2" x 11" paper the grain
will be in the wrong direction.

2. Anyone buying "craft glue" might choose Elmer's (to be avoided), using
it straight from the bottle, as she suggests. Any PVA used on paper should
be diluted with water, paste or methylcellulose before use.

3. I could not access this website now because I've changed servers. Jack
may not be able to, either. He might not have Microsoft Publisher 97
(neither do I) or Windows 95.

I would suggest Jack go to the nearest library and check out a book on
basic bookbinding, Aldren Watson's HANDBOOKBINDING, for instance, and
follow the instructions for a case-bound book on tapes, AFTER he's read the
information on fundamental procedures.

Betty   storz@xxxxxxx

Betty Storz   storz@xxxxxxx

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