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New Locator on ABAA-booknet

(Please reply to booknet@xxxxxxxxxxxx rather than the entire list)

The ABAA-booknet Web Site recently moved to a new machine, with more
capacity and expanded database and search features.  In coming weeks you
will be seeing many changes and new capabilities.

Our first major upgrade has been a complete revision of the ABAA directory
services.  We now have a single page ABAA Locator -- our 411 services that
allow you to find any ABAA member or firm, locate by specialty, and list by
city, state, or major metropolitan region:


Bookmark this page and watch for other upcoming changes: new catalogue
formats, new and improved searches, and other useful features.

  *** Mike Harris             booknet/rmharris_ltd
        phone: (301) 494-0950 (410) 535-2292    fax: (410) 535-3004
    e-mail: booknet@xxxxxxxxxxxx, r.m.harris@xxxxxxxx, rharris@xxxxxxxxx

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